McDonald’s versus Costa Express

If I could have it my way, the outside world would be filled with independent speciality coffee shops. Unfortunately for me, my urge for coffee often tempts me into a local chain shop instead, such as Costa express, or McDonalds.

These are genuinely the quickest options for me when my favourite type of coffee shop isn’t available in my surroundings.

Why is fast coffee important?

Just the other day, there was somewhere I needed to be at a specific time. I was up against the cock, having overslept. As I quickly got ready, I managed to make an espresso before running out the door. An hour later, and I was beginning to feel cravings for another cup of coffee. I had to opt for McDonald’s for being the quickest option around, where I picked a large black coffee.

A few days later, after dropping my wife and kids off , and needing to get back to work, my coffee cravings returned. Not the best start to a three hour long drive. That time, I opted to go into Costa Express, for a large Americano.

What’s good about McDonalds?

It’s bean to cup coffee, much like Costa Expres’ but I actually enjoy drinking the coffee. it’s 100% Arabica beans and a pleasantly easy coffee to drink.

It’s alliance with Rainforests, which in my opinion is fairer to the farmer than ‘fair trade,’ allows me to enjoy my cup of hot coffee, guilt-free.

The price is also a very good selling point, offering good value for money.

The hygiene standards of McDonald’s clean systems is another good selling point for me, as I know the training management enforces this around every branch.

What’s not so good about McDonald’s?

One of the biggest problems with McDonald’s for me, is the food it sells. As a vegetarian, I can’t stand the food catered to customers like me, with those awful bean burger things they offer, offering me little to no option of food.

What’s good about Costa express?

The blend of Arabica and Robusta Costa uses allows me to enjoy a great cup of coffee. The blend is the norm in Italian espressos.

Costa Express machines are normally found at petrol stations. This is great when I need to fill up my car but not so great when I am needing a bathroom. I suppose if that were the case, I would have to opt for going to McDonald’s instead.

What’s not good about Costa Express?

It’s not as wallet friendly as McDonald’s offering.

The hygiene and cleanliness levels of these machines can be very questionable.
There i no way to guarantee a certain standard of cleanliness as the machines are installed by third party companies, are are responsible for the cleaning duties, around their own standards.
This can vary greatly from garage to garage.

So which of the two offers the best fast coffee service?

When it comes to price, McDonalds wins. There’s no contest, as it is significantly cheaper.

Availability, is slightly different, despite McDonald’s seemingly present everywhere we go, it only has 1200 branches versus the 6000 Costa Express outlets.

Taste is subjected to personal preference of course, but for me McDonald’s 100% Arabica coffee tastes better than the Italian espresso blend Costa serve.

When it comes to staff service, McDonalds wins by default, as Costa Express is an automated service, where no staff is required.

If you’re in need of a toilet, McDonalds also wins this situation as most of their branches have toilets for customers. Unless of course it’s a drive through only branch.

If you’re running low on fuel and you need to top your car up, you have the option to top your own coffee addiction up as well.

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