Welcome to the Bonaventure Brewing Company we are passionate about great coffee brewing and staying awake for 72 hours straight. We are a specialty coffee shop and brewing house dedicated to highlighting the delcious natural flavors of our coffee without all of the fanfare.


We here at the Bonaventure Brewing Company we know one thing for sure and thats how to make great tasting coffee, fast and with a smile, drop by and get some of that southern home comfort we all crave. The words “Venti” , “Tall” or “Grande” will ever make it onto our menus because we are not from Italy or do we pretend to be.  You will just find great tasting, delicious and hot coffee made with the best drip coffee makers we could find, along with handcrafted sandwiches and freshly baked cakes and pastries with a honest service in a friendly atmosphere.


Wet and Dry Cappuccino Recipes

One of the popular drinks among most coffee lovers happens to be a light, foamy cappuccino, made with the top rated coffee machines. Traditionally, a cappuccino is prepared by mixing hot milk, a double espresso, and steamed milk foam (in the ratio of 1:1:1). Originally from Italy, this coffee beverage is typically less in volume …


Bonaventure Brewing Company
375 Valencia Street
San Francisco

Monday—Friday: 8:00AM–8:00PM
Saturday & Sunday: 10:00AM–4:00PM